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So This is the New Year (2013)...

Adorable, right?
... You know, this is the 7th time I've posted a new year blog, so I'm going to quit referencing the Death Cab for Cutie Song "The New Year"... starting next year. If you would like to see those lyrics, which are very fitting, see my "So This is the New Year (2008)..." post.

Wow... could 2012 have been any better? Seriously, lots of awesome stuff, starting with Carolyn and My engagement (read about the The Proposal if you haven't yet). But lots of good stuff with friends and family, with 2013 looking even more phenomenal...

So, without further adieu, let's review my 2012 resolutions...

Dianna and I planting a garden at the Botanical Garden on April 21st.
Volunteering... SOMETHING! Let me say this... This will be on the list again... I did better than 2011 I think, but LOTS of room for improvement. With that said, I did join CSUnity this year at the Botanical Gardens with some garden planting. This is something I plan to do every year and hope to expand for years to come.

Complete at least two home improvement projects... Hmm... I don't think I did much here. I stopped the toilets from running... Ya, I can't think of much for this one this year.... Guess what's on the 2013 list?

Learn at least two new skills and things... Another fail. I have no great excuse on this, just never got to it... Well, I've already learned that I should check in with my new years resolutions more often... I'm not going to make that a resolution though.

Make some positive moves professionally... Well, working for Staples as I have for the previous seven years, doing the same work, but my position has changed slightly, and I think I've reacted to the change favorably, so I'm going with my with a win on this... go me... Am I satisfied? Of course not. Will this resolution continue? Absolutely!

Physically, I want to be 150 lbs by the end of the year and be in better shape that I am now... Well, I was at 150 this summer, but then the fall took over, and my work out regiment slowed down... so, a few pounds short on this... maybe the wedding will get me motivate...

Candid happy hour photo on June 14th.
I want to do an even better job communicating and updating with all my friends... I think this has gone well. Love social media (obviousness, right?), and have "hosted" a happy hour every month this year, each month at a different place (like Prohibition, Beatrice & Woodsley, and El Diablo, for example). The happy hours will continue. Game nights and BBQ didn't happen as frequent (or at all) as I would have liked, something to do in 2013.

To go along with that last one, I would also like to spend a good amount of time with family... I had some help on this one. My rents did a great job coming up and seeing us a lot (which was wonderful) and Zach lived with us over he summer! Saw lots of them, raised the bar, hoping to continue on that in 2013... I have a feeling it'll work out.

Book of Mormon is awesome!
I'm hoping I can catch more shows and observe more culture... Success! My parents, Carolyn, and I bought season tickets to the Denver Performing Arts complex musical season... and Thrilled we did. Saw Wicked again, dug it again. The The Addams Family was surprisingly entertaining, and Memphis came out of no where to end the season in style. But, of course, the show of the year is Book of Mormon... LOVED IT! See it if you can. Hope to check out a few museums and shows this upcoming year, since we didn't this year, but making strides is always important.

Finally, I would like to Blog at least once a month... Another yes! Happy to have completed this resolution. And I blogged about everything from politics and Gay Marriage to Thoughts about the Broncos and about Peyton Manning. I like blogging, and want to continue doing it, but I will not be adding it to my 2013 resolutions...

one additional resolution, we got a puppy! We adopted Bozley in February and we haven't looked back. I only mention this because, if you've ever read my resolutions on my blog, you've seen I've mentioned adopting a pup once or twice... and happy I finally did.

Moving on to my 2013 resolutions...

July 17th is going to be a great day, don't you think?
Get married! Duh, right? I agree. But not only get married, but make sure things are in order and go as smoothly as possible. Carolyn's done a wonderful job getting things ready and is way ahead of the game (I think), but I need to get on the groom and groom's man stuff, like suits/tuxes. I'm also in charge of the reception. Anxious to do some food tastings... it's not all bad ;)

Volunteer (more)... Duh! To help make myself feel better, I will mentioned that I raised money for Junior Achievement and Movember last year, with the intent to do so again. But in addition to CSUnity, I would love to do more in 2013. Anyone who doing something or needs someone, don't be shy to reach out to yours truly.

Complete at least two home improvement projects... I don't see this being a problem. Care and I are thinking of moving in early 2014 (after the wedding and we save some cash), so we will need to do some updating beforehand. What exactly, I do not know yet, but I have no doubt there will be little things (like some painting), but some other things might pop up (garbage disposal? Furnace? Carpet? Who knows)...

Learn at least two new skills and things... I still have a guitar I still want to learn to play... and Maybe it's time we expanded on our beer brewing into more customized recipes or to full grain versus partial grain or just extract... And really, I need to know CPR (why not, right?)... Open to other ideas.

Make some positive moves professionally... Should this ever not be a resolution? I mean really? I should always try to improve, right? And that's the plan this year, more so than previous years I think.

We'll be taking lots of walks with our boy in 2013.
Physically, I want to be 150 lbs by the wedding and be in better shape that I am now... Another resolution everyone should have (some variation of) every year. Hopefully, the motivation of the wedding can get me to be in the best shape of my life at an ideal size. Still going to keep the soccer team going, so that will help keep the fat off, but gotta turn something into muscle, right? Glad I joined the gym for another year... now just to get there more consistently. Also, we need to make sure to keep my little boy in shape with walks and lots of playing.

I want to do an even better job communicating and updating with all my friends... As I said, happy hours will continue (on Wednesday, January 23rd at Renegade Brewing Company around 6:00). Hoping to have at least one game night this year (hopefully more), and, with the wedding, hoping to see and hear from lots of friends. Also want to start doing dinner once a month with a new couple that we don't get to see too often (Alex and Rachel, you're up). We'll see what happens.

I think that's it for the resolutions. Lots going on this year so I don't want to have too many resolutions... Too many goals and resolutions will be tough to do, am I right? Either way, 2013 is going to be big and full of change and fun, and I'm excited for what the future holds... But that doesn't mean I won't enjoy the ride.

Happy New Year! Hope your 2013 is the best for everyone!

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P.S. Couple photos from Layna Gaffield (New years eve picture) and Janelle Van Houw of Jnelly Photography.

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